Microsoft IMEのバージョンとそれが何によってインストールされるか

Sorting it all Out : Who and how shipped which IME when and where?


Here is the big list that as colleague over in support was able to provide:

  • Office IME 2007
    IME Version: 12.x
    Included with: 2007 Microsoft Office System
  • Microsoft IME
    IME Version: 10.x
    Included with: Windows Vista
  • IME 2003
    IME Version: 9.x
    Included with: Office 2003
  • IME 2002
    IME Version: 8.1.7xxx
    Included with: Windows Server 2003, Windows XP x64
  • IME 2002
    IME Version: 8.1.4xxx
    Included with: Windows XP
  • IME 2002
    IME Version: 8.0
    Included with: Office XP
  • IME 2000
    IME Version: 7.1
    Included with: Windows Me
  • IME 2000
    IME Version: 7.0
    Included with: Windows 2000, Office 2000

This seemed like a very handy list to have, so I figured it would make sense to put it in a blog — that way next time the question comes up I’ll remember it. :-)