Release IronPython 2.7.6 RC2 

main – Implementations of Python and Ruby programming languages for .NET Framework that are built on top of the Dynamic Language Runtime.

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現在プロジェクトを率いているAlex EarlのRC1公開時のコメント。

On behalf of the IronPython team I am happy to announce the release candidate for IronPython 2.7.6.

First and foremost, the whole team would like to thank @jdhardy for his work on IronPython over the years. He took over when the code was open sourced by Microsoft, and through thick and thin kept the project going. His work has made the project much better.

This release combines changes from many different developers. A special thanks to:

@kunom, @simplicbe, @paweljasinski, @DinoV, @slozier, @jdhardy, @rassilon, @moto-timo, @jsakamoto, @terianil, @filmor, and @malcomdw.

The majority of the work that has gone into this release is fixing up some small longstanding issues, adding a new C# based IronPython “compiler” named ipyc that adds some additional features over, a major memory leak fixup from @jdhardy that should resolved several memory leak issues that have been found over time, and the removal of Silverlight from the packages.

This is a Release Candidate, not a production release. Please test and submit issues here on Github.

For Visual Studio integration, check out Python Tools for Visual Studio which has support for IronPython as well as CPython, and many other fantastic features.

IronPython 2.7.6-rc1 is also available for embedding via NuGet. The main package is IronPython, and the standard library is in IronPython.StdLib.

ということで、新しい体制も出来て、開発がRebootされました。IronPython 3の開発も進んで行ってくれるとうれしいな。