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Forza Horizon5 シリーズ7 スプリング #Forzathon #ForzaHorizon5

元ネタ: Forza Horizon 5 Season Change: Hot Springs – GTPlanet

The final week of Forza Horizon 5 Series 7 is now upon us, with the arrival of Spring and a new set of Playlist events for the next seven days.

That means there’s only a week left of the current world makeover, which sees Mexico decorated for “Cinco de Mayo” — an annual event occurring on May 5 each year.

While it’s a larger celebration in Hispanic communities in the USA, it’s still a school holiday in Mexico, and the towns of the fictional version are spruced up to mark the occasion. There’s also new new clothing items available for Playlist completion, and new EventLab props.

There’s also a takeover of sorts from Ferrari. Across the entire Series players have been able to pick up and drive new cars from the brand, with exclusive playlist rewards and a new Evolving World Accolade for getting hold of them. That continues this week, with one final car for collection.



Forza Horizon5 シリーズ7 ウインター #Forzathon #ForzaHorizon5

元ネタ: Forza Horizon 5 Season Change: Bone Dry – GTPlanet

With the arrival of another Winter season in Forza Horizon 5 there’s a fresh set of Playlist events for players to get their teeth into.

We’ve now passed the halfway stage of another Series, with S7 continuing to provide a festive theme to the stylized Mexico as it marks the occasion of Cinco de Mayo.

This celebration is held on May 5 each year, and is a school holiday in Mexico — although it’s an even bigger event in Hispanic communities in the USA. Reflecting the occasion is a “world makeover” in FH5, bringing new map decorations, new clothing items, and new EventLab props.

Italian brand Ferrari is a major focus for the Series too, as all four of the Seasons feature a Playlist Exclusive prancing horse reward, as well as another as an overall Series prize. A new Evolving World Accolade also appears this month, for collecting all five Ferraris.


今週のトレジャーハント「On Top Of The World」は、スペイン語の知識が少し必要です。まず、「石の扉は何でも3つ星で壊せる」という説明文を解き、その説明文に書かれている課題をクリアする必要があります。この2つを成功させると、宝箱のありかを知る「ヒント」が得られます。

うまくいけば、このパズルでPuerta Petrea(スペイン語で「石の扉」)のトレイルブレイザーに行くことができます。そこで3つ星を取ると、宝箱がある場所を示す赤い丸が地図に表示され、宝のヒントを得ることができます。



Forza Monthly 2022年5月 #Forzamonthly #ForzaHorizon5

Forza Horizon 5 シリーズ8

Forza Horizon 5 シリーズ8に関する情報をまとめると以下のようになります。

Forza Horizon 5 Series 8 “German Automotive Excellence”




  • 2015 Mercedes-AMG GT S
  • 2018 Audi RS 4 Avant
  • 2021 Porsche 911 GT3


  • 1982 Volkswagen Pickup LX
  • 2018 Audi RS 5 Coupé
  • 2020 Audi RS 3 Sedan
  • 2020 BMW M8 Competition Coupé




Playground Gamesは、”Horizon Academy “と名付けられた『Forza Horizon 5』シリーズ9を予告し、謎の “Horizon Nexus”、新しい車やチャレンジなどが登場すると話していました。




次回 #ForzaMonthly は5/13午前1時から #ForzaHorizon5

次回Forza Monthly、2022年5月版は2022年5月13日の午前1時から。シリーズ8のフェスティバルプレイリストの深掘とのこと。Let’s ¡Go!は無いようです。

Forza Horizon5 シリーズ7 オータム #Forzathon #ForzaHorizon5

Stormy weather heads into Forza Horizon 5’s Mexico this week, as the Autumn season begins on one of the country’s biggest celebrations, and brings with it a new set of Playlist events.

It’s the second week of Series 7, so the theme — Cinco de Mayo — continues. This sees the world redecorated in accordance with the festivities, along with new clothing items and new props to place in EventLab.

Ferrari has also taken over the playlist, as all four of the Seasons will award a car from the Prancing Horse as the first-tier completion prizes. There’s also a fifth car as the first-tier Series completion prize, and a new Evolving World Accolade for collecting all five.

Forza Horizon 5 Season Change: Cinco de Mayo – GTPlanet

California Tとかなんで困達なんだ?




Forza Horizon5 シリーズ7 サマー #Forzathon #ForzaHorizon5

Summer has once again arrived in Forza Horizon 5’s Mexico, bringing with it an entirely new set of Playlist events as Series 7 gets underway.

The theme for this series is Cinco de Mayo, a major celebration in Mexico held on May 5 each year. That will be reflected in FH5 with a “world makeover”, including new decorations around the map, new clothing items, and new props to place in EventLab.

There’s also something of a Ferrari takeover too, with all four of the Series’ first tier Season completion prizes coming from the Italian brand, as well as the 80-point Series reward car. One new Evolving World Accolade appears this month, for collecting all five.

A healthy Playlist means there’s 225 points available across the four weeks. The lower prize point requirements remain, and the Playlist-exclusive cars still occupy that first reward slot, making collecting unique cars an easier task.

Forza Horizon 5 Season Change: Summer Sevens – GTPlanet





Forza Horizon 5 シリーズ7 アップデート #ForzaHorizon5

Forza Motorsport – Forza Horizon 5 Series 7 Update


Forza Horizon 5 シリーズ 7 は、メキシコの文化、料理、遺産を祝う年に一度の祭典「シンコデマヨ」にご招待します。グアナフアトでは、カラフルな装飾が施され、お祭りの準備が整っています。また、メキシコの壁画やプエブラ地方にインスパイアされた新しい衣類をアンロックしてお祝いすることができます。また、Horizon Tourには新たなチャンピオンシップが追加され、FerrariがFestival Playlistに登場します。

4月26日(火)よりXbox、Windows、Steamでダウンロード可能な「Forza Horizon 5 シリーズ 7 アップデート」の内容をご紹介します。いつものように、アップデート配信後の数週間は、フェスティバルプレイリストを通じて新しい季節のコンテンツが利用できるようになります。


シリーズ7では、ヒントを解決しても宝箱が出現しなかったり、フォルツァソン・ウィークリー・チャレンジで必要な車の所有と運転が最初のチャプターで登録されなかったりなどの不具合に対して、「Forza Horizon 5」の体験を向上させる新たな修正を導入しています。また、PCで他のプレイヤーとの直接対決に挑む際に発生するストールの修正も導入しています。

シリーズ7で行われる修正と改善の全リストは、リリースノートをご覧ください。Forza Horizon 5』では、皆様からのフィードバックに真摯に耳を傾け、ゲームアップデートのたびに新たな修正を導入しています。現在調査中の問題については、こちらで最新情報をご確認ください。

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次回Let’s ¡GO!は4/26(火)午前2時から #ForzaHorizon5


Forza Monthlyはその前の26日午前1時から。

Forza Horizon5 シリーズ6 スプリング #Forzathon #ForzaHorizon5

The final events for Series 6 of Forza Horizon 5 are now available, as the heat in Mexico turns up a notch.

Spring forms the last week for each Series, giving one more chance for players to pick up the points they need for the seasonal rewards by way of a fresh set of challenges.

Series 6 is themed around customization. “Horizon Customs” refers not only to modified cars, but some of the wild changes possible in custom races using the powerful EventLab tool.

Alongside the custom events, Drift Club features heavily in S6. This new Horizon Story is part of the Monthly Challenge across the Series, so although it’s available at any time you’ll get points for doing so before Series 7 starts, to help with your completion stats.

There’s also new cars to collect — and a new Evolving World Accolade for picking up all four of the Playlist cars this Series — along with new collectibles and new EventLab props to play with.

With the larger Playlist compared to some recent Series, there’s 230 points now available across the four weeks, and the lower prize point requirements and playlist exclusive cars set as the first reward means it’s easier than ever to complete your fleet.

Forza Horizon 5 Season Change: Rite of Spring – GTPlanet

残るは少しトリッキーなトレジャーハント。Fine Tunedの説明文は「自分のチューンを見つける前に疾走しようとすると、勝つのは難しいぞ」というもので、解読するのに少し努力が必要です。


それをクリアすると、地図上に宝のヒントが表示されます。赤い丸で囲われた場所に宝箱があり、今週プラヤアズールで開催されるApex Festivalの近くにあるのです。チェスト自体は、会場のすぐ北にある橋の下にあります。



Forza Horizon5 シリーズ6 ウインター #Forzathon #ForzaHorizon5

A new selection of events is now available for the third week of Series 6 of Forza Horizon 5, with the weather moving into the dry spell of Winter.

The current theme of “Horizon Customs” continues, with events keyed to all the various ways you can modify the world around you. From custom cars to custom races with the game’s powerful EventLab tool, S6 is a celebration of user-generated content.

In addition to all the modified creations, Drift Club returns to Horizon with S6. This new Horizon Story, which sees FH4’s guru of grip loss Rob travel to Mexico to ignite tires, is part of the Monthly Challenge across the Series. That means you’ll want to get it finished before Series 7 makes its debut, in order to score maximum points for your collection this month.

As always the Series also brings new cars, new collectibles, and new EventLab props to play with, while there’s also a single new Evolving World Accolade for picking up all four of the Playlist cars this Series.

A slightly larger Playlist compared to recent Series sees 230 points now available across the four weeks. The reduced prize point requirements introduced in S4 will remain, along with the Exclusive cars being available for the lower value.

Forza Horizon 5 Season Change: Rex Marks the Spot – GTPlanet

プラヤ・アスルでは、サッカーをしている恐竜がいます。15回打つと(巻き戻しで1回、15回打つと)3点入り、Creative Teeの洋服がもらえます。