Forza Horizon 3 アップデートとスバル #75 WRX VT15r


また、アップデート後に起動すると、先週の#Frozathonでの実績解除でスバル #75 WRX VT15rを獲得したよって言うメッセージが表示され、実際に追加されています。(キャプチャ取れなかった)


Today we launched an update for Forza Horizon 3 on both Xbox One and Windows 10, which fixes an issue with the “Shake, Rally & Roll” #Forzathon event from last week, where players who completed the event were not receiving the Subaru rewards car. With this update, players who previously completed this event should receive their Subaru rewards car. Note that, as stated in last week’s edition of the Week in Review, we will be giving players additional chances to earn that Subaru rewards car via upcoming #Forzathon events in the future. Look for more details soon.