Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 2008リリース

Microsoft Unveils Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 2008: Software development platform allows academics, hobbyists and commercial vendors to simplify the creation of robotics applications across a wide variety of hardware.

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Express EditionとStandard Editionがあり、Standardは62,800円ほど。Expressは無料です。


With this release of RDS the package has been split into two Editions:

  • Express Edition
  • Standard Edition

The Express Edition is available for download from the web at no charge. Standard Edition can be purchased online and then downloaded. Academic institutions can obtain the Standard Edition as part of the MSDN Academic Alliance for distribution to their students, or students can get a copy through the Dreamspark program.

The different Editions contain different features, with Express Edition being a subset of the Standard Edition. Both Editions can be installed side-by-side if necessary. There is no upgrade – you simply install Standard if you already have Express and move any code you have written across to the new directory where it will work without changes (other than recompilation).