Forza Horizon5 シリーズ6 ウインター #Forzathon #ForzaHorizon5

A new selection of events is now available for the third week of Series 6 of Forza Horizon 5, with the weather moving into the dry spell of Winter.

The current theme of “Horizon Customs” continues, with events keyed to all the various ways you can modify the world around you. From custom cars to custom races with the game’s powerful EventLab tool, S6 is a celebration of user-generated content.

In addition to all the modified creations, Drift Club returns to Horizon with S6. This new Horizon Story, which sees FH4’s guru of grip loss Rob travel to Mexico to ignite tires, is part of the Monthly Challenge across the Series. That means you’ll want to get it finished before Series 7 makes its debut, in order to score maximum points for your collection this month.

As always the Series also brings new cars, new collectibles, and new EventLab props to play with, while there’s also a single new Evolving World Accolade for picking up all four of the Playlist cars this Series.

A slightly larger Playlist compared to recent Series sees 230 points now available across the four weeks. The reduced prize point requirements introduced in S4 will remain, along with the Exclusive cars being available for the lower value.

Forza Horizon 5 Season Change: Rex Marks the Spot – GTPlanet

プラヤ・アスルでは、サッカーをしている恐竜がいます。15回打つと(巻き戻しで1回、15回打つと)3点入り、Creative Teeの洋服がもらえます。


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  1. お疲れ様です。


  2. ふぃ~今回も残り20時間位ででフェスティバルプレイリストのプレゼントカーだけゲットしました。しかしPEELのピニャータ10個破壊はよくわからんままクリアしたな・・・EVENTLABのおススメにあるピニャータを壊してもカウントされなかったけど、共有コードを上げてくれてた人のやつだとカウントしたんですよね。