IronPython 2.7 Beta1 and 2.6.2


IronPython – Release: 2.6.2

The full list of issues fixed includes:
26593 pyc fails if a file contains a call to unicode
26940 Wrong line numbers in traceback when ecoding is specified
27547 Problem with ScriptSource.GetCodeProperties() (Fix type error when parsing invalid text “lambda”)
27247 delattr doesn’t work on instance attributes of user defined instance
Fix a memory leak related to the id dispenser
Fix stack overflow with a large number of nested if/elif blocks

IronPython – Release: 2.7 Beta 1

Changes thus far include:

  • Updates the language to be compatible with CPython 2.7
  • Improves integrated Visual Studio support (IronPython Tools for Visual Studio)
  • Extends CPython 2.7’s documentation with useful information pertaining to IronPython
  • Adds the mmap and signal modules
  • Includes a number of performance updates and bug fixes
  • Requires .NET 4.0 and Silverlight 4.0