Is this week’s update of Forza Horizon 4 enough? / Forza Horizon 4 の今週のアップデートは十分なのか? #ForzaHorizon4

情報源: FH4 Release Notes: March 26th, 2019 – Forza Suppor…

情報源: Forza Horizon 4 アップデート 2019-03-26 #ForzaHorizon4 | OPCDiary

Public release seems to be delayed, but with this update, the top reward of the Festival playlist has been reduced from 100% to 80%, is it enough? According to Playground Game, this means there is no need to play ranked team adventures, and no need to play monthly rivals or some daily #Forzathon events.

However, you still need to participate in Trials and Playground Games. Playground Game’s 5 game coercion seems to be improved with the next major update, but seems to want to be forced to participate in the trial as usual.

To be honest, trials are not a fun experience. This season, I was lucky enough to be able to clear in one go, but in most cases, players who don’t understand what Co-Op does, in particular, they stop the car right after the start Do not take part in the race, understand that players are cooperative play, do not aim to win even one Red team in the race, but by players keen to make a mistake and hit the car of an ally It is normal to be able to pull your legs. Both the trial and the playground game are randomly combined and the success is influenced by the player. This is not a fun experience for most players.

Therefore, I think it is the right way to reduce the achievement rate to the Festival playlist reward to 25% and 50% again. If Playground Games doesn’t really want to do that, you should lower the percentage of achievements for Trials and Playground Games, and make adjustments to increase the achievements for championships and weekly challenges.

公開が遅れているようですが、今回のアップデートで、Festivalプレイリストの上位側報酬が100%達成から、80%達成に下げられましたが、これで十分でしょうか。Playground Game曰く、これにより、ランクドチームアドベンチャーをプレイする必要はなく、マンスリーライバルもしくはいくつかのデイリー#Forzathonイベントをプレイする必要はなくなるとしています。