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Git for Windows 1.x was retired on August 18th, 2015, superseded by Git for Windows 2.x. The source code of Git for Windows 2.x is maintained in the git-for-windows org, a friendly fork of Git that aims to vet Windows-specific patches until they are submitted upstream.

Git for Windows

This is the source code of Git for Windows 1.x, forked from Git. If you encounter problems, you are highly encouraged to switch to Git for Windows 2.x. Pull Requests for critical issues in Git for Windows 1.x wi

情報源: msysgit/git · GitHub

という事で、Git for Windows 1.9.5はもちろん、msysGitの事は忘れましょう。基本的に今後メンテナンスもされません。 から最新のGitを使いましょう。

また、Git For Windowsの開発に興味の有る方は、以下よりSDKを入手してください。