Windows StoreもRTMに!

RTM Windows Store is now open for paid apps, company accounts

Today marks an important milestone for the Windows Store as we move from preview toward the general availability of Windows 8. We’re again expanding our market coverage, committed as ever to creating a developer opportunity of unprecedented scale. We’re opening the Store up for company registrations and are now accepting paid apps. Finally, we’ve advanced the Store design in response to Release Preview feedback. Ted Dworkin, Partner Program Manager for the Store, authored this post.






今現在(2012/08/02)登録コードが無いと登録ウイザードが進まずストアに登録出来ません。つまり、Windows Phone Storeでは出来ている個人資格での登録が、Windows Storeではまだ出来ません。残念ですね。


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