CodePlex Foundation

CodePlex Foundation

The CodePlex Foundation, a non-profit foundation formed with the mission of enabling the exchange of code and understanding among software companies and open source communities, launched today, September 10, 2009.

10日CodePlexの運営母体がMicrosoft Corp.からNon-profit foundationであるCodePlex Foundationに変更され、MSから管理と運営が同団体に委譲されたました。

CodePlex FoundationはMSから援助を受けるもののアメリカ国内法に基づくNPO法人として設立され、法人としてはMSとは全く別の法人となります。



CodePlex Foundation – Miguel de Icaza

I am glad that I was asked to be part of the board of directors of the foundation. And to work together with some great advisory board.

I hope that I can last more on this foundation than I lasted at the FSF, where I was removed by RMS after refusing to be an active part of the campaign to rename Linux as GNU/Linux.