Git for Windows 1.9.2 リリース

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Git for Windows.

1.9.2がリリースされました。また、今回からファイルの配布サイトがGoogle CodesからGitHubのReleaseのファイル配布機能へ変更となりました。


New Features

  • Comes with Git 1.9.2 plus Windows-specific patches.
  • Custom installer settings can be saved and loaded, for unsupervised installation on batches of machines (msysGit PR #168).
  • Comes with VIM 7.4 (msysGit PR #170).
  • Comes with ZLib 1.2.8.
  • Comes with xargs 4.4.2.


  • Work around stack limitations when listing an insane number of tags (PR #154).
  • Assorted test fixes (PRs #156, #158).
  • Compile warning fix in config.c (PR #159).
  • Ships with actual dos2unix and unix2dos.
  • The installer no longer recommends mixing with Cygwin.
  • Fixes a regression in Git-Cheetah which froze the Explorer upon calling Git Bash from the context menu (Git-Cheetah PRs #14 and #15).