Microsoft’s Big Data Roadmap & Approach

A few months ago, we announced our commitment to Apache Hadoop™ providing details on interoperability between SQL Server and Hadoop. As we have noted in the past, in the data deluge faced by businesses, there is an increasing need to store and analyze vast amounts of unstructured data including data from sensors, devices, bots and crawlers and this volume is predicted to grow exponentially over the next decade. Our customers have been asking us to help store, manage, and analyze these new types of data – in particular, data stored in Hadoop environments.

During the Ted Kummert’s Day 1 keynote of SQL Server PASS Summit 2011, we disclosed an end to end roadmap for Big Data that embraces Apache Hadoop™.

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The general availability (GA) the release to manufacturing of the Hadoop connector for SQL Server and Hadoop connector for SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse free to licensed SQL Server & PDW customers. These connectors will enable bi-directional data movement across SQL Server and Hadoop enabling customers work effectively with both structured and unstructured data

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