MSが東アジアでXBoxを成功させるために必要なのは腰を据えてやっていく根性 What MS needs in order to make XBox successful in East Asia is the guts to keep waiting. #XBox #XBoxJP

To say that Microsoft’s gaming success in Asia has been challenging would be putting a rather amiable punctuation on the consoles history in the region. While Microsoft has never really held a solid footing in Asian regions, during this latest console run, the company’s gaming presence has all but depleted what little good-will it crested from the good ol’ Xbox 360 days. As the company makes plans to expanded its gaming efforts across all fronts, including PC integration, cloud gaming and new devices, a new job listing surfaced recently that indicates that Microsoft is also interested in reproaching the lost market shares it suffered during this current generation of gaming, specifically in Asian markets. Perhaps, contrary to popular belief, Microsoft has continually attempted to address its presence in Asian markets. The Global Gaming Partnership & Development (GGPD) project has been something put in place by the company to spur more thoughtful Asian-related gaming communications

情報源: Job listing hints at renewed Xbox focus in Japan, China, and South Korea | On MSFT


It is an article saying that MS is hiring jobs in the East Asia region, but if MS wishes to succeed in East Asia, it is a system that can support the games of their studio in local languages ​​and even if it fails in the short term, I think that it is guts like judging whether it is right or wrong with the medium- to long-term span above. If we continue to do things like judging by only KPI in the quarter or year, it will be as it is when MS changed the boss, and user dissatisfaction will not be solved either. It is important for MS to increase the title, but it is not at the start.