Build 2020関連まとめ #msbuild



SQL Server/SQL Database関係はSE雑記をご覧ください。


Announcing .NET 5 Preview 4 and our journey to one .NET

今秋登場する.NET 5はLTSとはならずPreview Buildとなり、来年秋に登場する.NET 6が.NET 統一プラットフォームとしては初めてのLTSになると決まりました。詳しくは上を参照。

ASP.NET Core updates in .NET 5 Preview 4

Announcing Entity Framework Core 5.0 Preview 4

PowerShell Team May 2020 Update

The F# development home on GitHub is now dotnet/fsharp

C# Today & Tomorrow | Microsoft Build 2020 | Channel 9

Welcome to C# 9.0

F# 5 and F# tools update

Introducing YARP Preview 1

Using Visual Studio Codespaces with .NET Core

Introducing Project Tye

Visual Studio

Releasing Today! Visual Studio 2019 v16.6 & v16.7 Preview 1

Visual Studio 2019 for Mac version 8.6 is now available

Expanding Visual Studio 2019 support for Visual Studio Codespaces

Live Share, now with chat and audio support!

Visual Studio Code at Build 2020

Keep your IntelliCode completions fresh with our GitHub Action for Team Completions


少し整理が付くかと思ったけど混乱している。Xamalin FormsはMulti-Platform APP UI(MAUI)に発展的解消となりました。

Introducing .NET Multi-platform App UI


Introducing WinUI 3 Preview 1

WindowsチームはWin UIを諦めてはいない模様。

Blazor WebAssembly 3.2.0 now available

Windows Forms Designer for .NET Core Released

Xamarin Updates From Microsoft Build 2020

Improvements to XAML tooling in Visual Studio 2019 version 16.7 Preview 1


Developing for all 1 billion Windows 10 devices and beyond

Everything new from Microsoft Edge at Build 2020

Windows Package Manager Preview



Windows Terminal 1.0

The Windows Subsystem for Linux BUILD 2020 Summary

DirectX ❤ Linux


Announcing accelerated training with ONNX Runtime—train models up to 45% faster

Microsoft announces new supercomputer, lays out vision for future AI work

ML.NET Model Builder is now a part of Visual Studio

Power Apps

Power BI Desktop May 2020 Feature Summary


What’s New in Microsoft Teams | Build Edition 2020


OData Connected Service 0.10.0 Release

Microsoft brings Linux GUI apps to Windows 10 | Engadget

How Microsoft plans to make life easier for Windows developers | Engadget